These two yoga sessions are for anyone who has or has had back pain. This is a gentle yoga practice using posture to strengthen and support your back. First session will be done standing and with chairs, second session will be on the floor. If you cannot get on the floor the posture can be done at home in a bed. You will get a hand out to help maintain a healthy practice at home to reduce and prevent back pain. This is not suitable for those with severe, acute back pain. Limited enrollment.

Gloria Drayer holds a 500-hour Kripalu yoga certification and has nearly 30 years of experience teaching yoga. Her sessions are given in a non-competitive environment where participants are encouraged to engage at a healthful and enjoyable level. Her workshops, including those dealing with life-altering topics such as grief, insomnia, osteoporosis, and back care, are held around the country. She is co-author of the book Yoga and Grief: A Compassionate Journey Toward Healing.