Note: This is a livestream class via Zoom. 

Join us for an upbeat class designed to help you maintain, improve, or restore balance skills. We do problem-solving activities to challenge our mind and body in a socially-supportive and confidence-building environment. Better Balance, part of the Oasis Free from Falls series, is based on the premise that physical activity is the antidote to many of the challenges that accompany aging. Optional equipment includes handheld weights (or water bottles or food cans), resistance band, and foam balance pad. Session A is not required to take Session B. Limited enrollment. 

Ilene Dunn is a certified personal trainer, specializing in senior fitness and the maintenance of strength, balance, and an active lifestyle. She holds certifications as a yoga instructor at 500 hours, Athletics and Fitness Association of America personal trainer, and A Matter of Balance master trainer. In addition, she is certified in Tai Chi Quan and Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention and is a trained instructor in Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance.