The Gutierrez Hubbell House, located deep in Albuquerque’s South Valley, has been home to many strong women. Three generations of this family, Josefa Baca, Barbara Duran y Chavez and Juliana Gutierrez y Chavez Hubbell, whose lives span over 200 years, are land grantees, heiresses, merchants, and mothers with legacies that intrigue and inspire. The talk includes a brief photo tour of the historical home and property as well as exploring the lives of the home’s beloved matriarchs. 

Flora Sánchez is a descendant of the family who owned the home. She is a retired educator, teacher, school counselor, and administrator for Albuquerque Public Schools. Upon retirement, she served as an elected member and three-term president of the NM State Board of Education. She serves on the board of directors for the Hubbell House Alliance where she also volunteers as a docent and presents lessons for field trips.