Albuquerque is home to Netflix’s North American production hub and more TV & film projects are coming every year. A state whose critical metrics of education and poverty are often at the bottom of the lists deserves—and needs—the positive economic and community impact production provides. But a concerted effort is required to ensure New Mexico makes the most of this opportunity. A determined, organized, film & TV pipeline uniting disparate yet complimentary local stakeholders is needed to leverage resources and aid local communities as ably as possible.

Sean Cardinalli is a writer/producer with over 20 years experience in film and TV development and production. He has helped coordinate more than a dozen productions. He began his career on the development team which discovered The Blair Witch Project and later became a top script analyst for the world-class agency, ICM Partners. He has completed over a dozen original screenplays and has built a diverse slate of IP for his own company, ALTERITY.