Homo sapiens appear to dominate the world, developing art, history, religion, government, science, and philosophy. We harnessed the atom and extended life, but also have crime, famine, poverty, and wars. First, we examine the evolution and agenda of the primal, or so-called lizard brain, and explore the role it plays in our daily lives. On the second day, we extend the investigation to the evolutionary differences between male and female brains and how communication, perception, and co-existence are affected.

Creve Maples has a degree in Chemistry (MIT) and a PhD in Nuclear Science (UC Berkeley). He has worked in academia and the private sector, designing advanced computers and developing virtual reality systems. His interest in history and archeology led to the formation of companies active in these areas. These classes result from a scientific curiosity, love of photography and travel, and desire to explore unusual, thought-provoking topics.