Among pollinators in peril worldwide, bees are both benevolent garden visitors and a misunderstood culture of intricate dynamics. Their “hive mentality” is a model for efficient sustainability, their work ethic is unparalleled, and their honey is sublime.  Discover the secrets of the types and jobs of honeybees, watch hundreds of live bees in an observation hive, learn about beekeepers’ practices and equipment, hold a fresh honeycomb, and compare honey straight from Pamela Chavez’s hives to store bought.

Concerned with threatened pollinators and an avid gardener, Pamela Chavez became a beekeeper in 2015. She helped the New Mexico Beekeepers Association succeed in having Albuquerque designated a Bee City, completed Level One Beekeeping Certification, has three top bar hives, and loves to share (safely boxed) live bees and their culture. Owner of Collaboration$ Consulting, Chavez has 33 years experience in strategic planning, fundraising, event management, public relations, marketing, volunteer development, board training, and implementation tools.