Oman is a fascinating country of uncommon natural beauty. After a look at Oman’s long and complex history, including its unique economic, religious, and political aspects, we  travel around the country. View the effects of the 50-year reign of its sultan as Oman moved from a largely 19th century to a 21st century way of life. Finally, we look at coming challenges for Oman in its tumultuous neighborhood.

Dave Weaver received his doctorate in physical anthropology from UNM. After 25 years at Wake Forest University, he returned to New Mexico. He has worked in North and Central America, Europe, and Africa on human skeletal analysis, forensic anthropology, bone microstructure, human evolution, and osteoporosis. In retirement, he volunteers for the US Forest Service, the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center, and Animal Humane New Mexico, and travels as much as possible.