By the mid-1900s, Albuquerque had so much brightly lit signage that we were called “The Neon City.” Explore the history and background of neon signage in Albuquerque, with highlights on the design, story-telling qualities, and potential for conservation and preservation. Learn about several upcoming plans for using rehabilitated signs along our city’s streetscapes.

Deb Slaney is an independent curator and curator of history emeritus from the Albuquerque Museum. She holds a BA in Southwestern anthropology from the University of Arizona, and a master of liberal studies/museum emphasis from the University of Oklahoma. Her recent publications include Leekya: Master Carver of Zuni Pueblo, Only in Albuquerque: Albuquerque Museum History Collection, and Wonders of the Weavers: 19th-century Rio Grande Weavings from the Collection of the Albuquerque Museum.