Milton Noss claimed he entered Victorio Peak in 1937 and found a warren of passages that led to gold bars, Spanish loot, and more. He was shot and killed in 1949 by one of his financial backers. White Sands Missile Range later acquired the property. The range has been beset by trespassers who want access to the peak. The Army has allowed four hunts for the gold. Nothing has ever been found. So is the original story a scam or did a series of three presidents steal it?

Eckles worked for White Sands Missile Range for 30 years and has been a volunteer there since he retired in 2007. He was the missile range’s spokesman during the five-year search for the Victorio Peak gold bars in the 1990s and has written extensively about the legendary treasure. He met many of the prime players and continues to try and bring reason to the story.