Scientists are usually pictured as thoughtful, cultured representatives of mankind’s finest intellectual pursuit. Perhaps humbly accepting a Nobel Prize, or magnanimously crediting another scientist’s work when receiving accolades. The truth is less honorable. Many scientists, including famous household names, were… well, scoundrels. There are plagiarists, liars, and credit-grabbers, as well as adulterers, racists, bigots and bullies. David Crossley introduces a few of the most despicable and reveals things about iconic heroes that have been swept under the rug.   

David Crossley has degrees in both electrical and mechanical engineering; he retired from a 40-year career in the aerospace arena. He taught electromagnetics at New Mexico State University, performed electronic warfare operations in five war zones with the Air Force out of Kirtland Air Force Base, and is now playing oboe with the Albuquerque Philharmonic.