Germany invaded Russia in 1941, but failed to subdue the Red Colossus. After a long, hard, winter with many casualties and a failed bid to take Moscow, Hitler looked for a chance to renew his offensive in the summer. He set his eye on the oil fields of southern Russia. As the offensive opened, the focus was drawn to Stalingrad. This titanic struggle, which cost millions of lives, would be the turning point of WWII in Europe.

Since middle school, Richard Field has been an avid student of history in general and military history in particular. He earned his BS and MS from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. He earned an MA from St. John’s College in Santa Fe and a PhD from UNM. Field has taught at Albuquerque Academy since 1992 where he began teaching world history and senior humanities in 1994. He is also a contributor to Ancient History Magazine.