Science is a quest for knowledge and understanding. Explore examples of scientific discoveries whose implications are not yet understood. A hundred years ago, a number of scientific discoveries changed our view of the universe and defined the 20th century. We are now on the edge of an even more profound revolution. Creve Maples walks us to the edge of science, examines issues like speed of light and particle-wave duality, and follows their impact on quantum mechanics, gravity, time, black holes, causality, and the big bang. It seems that our understanding of the universe is seriously incomplete.

Creve Maples has a degree in chemistry (MIT) and a PhD in nuclear science (UC Berkeley). He has worked in academia and the private sector, designing advanced computers and developing virtual reality systems. His interest in history and archeology led to the formation of companies active in these areas. These classes result from a scientific curiosity, love of photography and travel, and desire to explore unusual, thought-provoking topics.