In April of 2021, news outlets reported that New Mexico became the second state in the nation to end qualified immunity when Governor Lujan Grisham signed the New Mexico Civil Rights Act into law. Is that true? What does the Civil Rights Act actually say and how will it affect New Mexicans and our public servants? This session will cover what qualified immunity is and whether the Civil Rights Act will curtail police abuse. 

Patricia Williams and Lorna Wiggins are partners with the law firm, Wiggins, Williams & Wiggins, PC. Lorna Wiggins started practicing law in New Mexico in 1983 after completing a judicial clerkship. She specializes in the areas of labor and employment law, and is chair of the Oasis Albuquerque Board of Directors. Patricia Williams was an assistant City of Albuquerque attorney for ten years and regularly defends various governmental entities in district and appellate courts throughout New Mexico, including on the Navajo Nation.