Bountiful stories written and told, songs scripted and sung, and glorious journals penned by the masses of ‘roadies’ who seek to get their Kicks on Route 66.  A crucial facet of her existence lies in the people who make a living off her glory and reputation and the harsh underside of ventures that have failed, brought despair, and not had the Hollywood ending most of the media portrays. We take a hard look at her current status as we inch closer to the 100th anniversary.

Ned O’Malia, PhD, honors and religion professor at UNM, has traveled Route 66 countless times as guide, explorer, historian, and lecturer.  Craig Cropsey is a world traveler, historian, college administrator and lecturer with a passion for all things related to Route 66. Donatella Davanzo, Italian-American documentary photographer, photojournalist, and anthropologist, showcases the American Southwest, particularly Route 66, showing, peculiar aspects of its cultural heritage and history.