Westerns have been with us for more than a century. Some of them are truly great, some are average, while others are so bad it is difficult to watch them. Many westerns contain historical errors which detract from their quality. If a western movie hero can use a weapon that had not yet been invented, why could he not ride a motorcycle instead of a horse? Don Bullis has been watching, and re-watching, westerns for seventy years and recently authored the book, No Manure on Main Street. Note: there are no film clips shown in this class.

Don Bullis graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a bachelor’s degree in American history and American literature and attended graduate school at UNM. He worked as a columnist for the New Mexico Independent newspapers and served as editor of the Sandoval County Times-Independent. He is president of the Central New Mexico Corral of Westerners. He is the author of nine nonfiction books on New Mexico history and two novels, also set in New Mexico.