Isolation. Livelihoods upended. Elders dying alone. Youth separated from peers and teachers. The list of losses is exhaustive and exhausting. While loss is nothing new, this pandemic has overwhelmed us with a tragedy previously unimaginable. How do we grieve? Gibson examines the role and rituals of grief throughout history and across cultures. Participants are invited to reflect on their personal losses. How do our attitudes toward grieving help or hinder healing? 

Joan McIver Gibson, PhD, is a philosopher and consultant in applied ethics, bioethics, and values-based decision-making. With over 30 years of ethics-related experience in a variety of settings, she has chaired a hospital ethics committee and founded and directed UNM’s Health Sciences Ethics Program. Her latest book, PAUSE: How to Turn Tough Choices Into Strong Decisions, offers advice on making difficult personal decisions where stakes are high and values run deep.