Labyrinths, in many different styles and designs, are found in every culture and society, some dating back 5000 years. How they were used in ancient times is mostly mysterious. There has been a revived interest in labyrinths and more than 5000 labyrinths have been created around the world. Take a pictorial and historical tour of labyrinths both ancient and contemporary with an optional field trip immediately following class to experience three of the 20+ Albuquerque labyrinths. Directions to the optional field trip will be provided in the class.

Jane Westbrook trained at the most famous of all labyrinths – the 12th century cathedral in Chartres, France.  She has created, constructed and facilitated permanent and temporary labyrinths for weddings, in churches, prisons, parks, hospitals, schools, galleries and an 80’ horse labyrinth.  She leads retreats and workshops on the uses and value of walking labyrinths.