Our outer environment often mirrors our inner environment. Look around. What do you see? Is your office or home cluttered? How clean and organized is your car? Closet? What about your mind? Are thoughts and ideas flowing with ease or are thoughts muddled and/or tangled? Does the body feel stiff and sluggish? If you often find yourself staring at a blank screen, a blank page, or a blank canvas, then this class may benefit you. Explore spring cleaning — literally and metaphorically.

Julie Dunlop, author of Ocean of Yoga: Meditations on Yoga and Ayurveda for Balance, Awareness, and Well-Being, has been an adjunct faculty member in the English Department at CNM for 17 years. She is a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance and a certified Ayurvedic practitioner through the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Weaving together language, poetry, yoga, and Ayurveda, she enjoys sharing pathways to well-being, supporting the overall health of our community.