Come chat and socialize over Zoom for the holidays with fellow seniors and a few high-school seniors as well. Discussion topics are provided, but feel free to show up with your own additions. We have four sessions to meet new people, share memories, and overall have a good time! If you would like, show up wearing something that makes you feel festive and confident, bring a cup of tea (or a snack). Note: 2 meetings are on Friday and 2 are on Saturday. Enrollment limited to 10.

Moderator Paloma Lee-Mock is a senior at Amy Biehl High School in Albuquerque. She is currently pursuing a film career as a dual credit student through CNM, and has been producing her own mockumentary-inspired-documentary film series called “The Senior Project,” which is up on YouTube. She has been attending school via Zoom since March 2020. Her interest in exploring new methods of communication and connection in an online environment has resulted in this program.