New Mexico is transitioning from coal-based electricity generation to a renewable energy future through a major bill passed in 2019: the Energy Transition Act. While the goals are clear, there is no roadmap to achieve them. In this presentation, we touch on the electric system improvements needed to achieve those goals and how those affect the consumer. We also address oil and gas extraction, its contribution to the state’s revenues, and its effect on land and water use.

Abbas Akhil was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives in 2018 and served for one term. He brings a working history of renewable energy and energy storage to the legislature. Akhil was born in Hyderabad, India, a pluralistic society where Muslim and Hindu communities existed side by side for generations. After moving to the US, Akhil completed his Masters at NMSU and worked at the Public Service Company of New Mexico. He later worked at Sandia National Laboratories where he developed energy storage and microgrids.