The roots of Islam in India can be traced from the 6th century along the western coast to the north via Turkic invaders and Persian conquerors in the 12th century. Manifesting in different forms from these separate roots, Islam became the largest minority in a Hindu country. Explore cultural/linguistic influences of Muslim culture and the complex political ramifications of Indian-Muslim identity. Learn about the partition of India and the rise of Hindu nationalism leading to the election of Prime Minister Modi.

Abbas Akhil was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives in 2018 and served for one term. He brings a working history of renewable energy and energy storage to the legislature. Akhil was born in Hyderabad, India, a pluralistic society where Muslim and Hindu communities existed side by side for generations. After moving to the US, Akhil completed his Masters at NMSU and worked at the Public Service Company of New Mexico. He later worked at Sandia National Laboratories where he developed energy storage and microgrids.