SARS-CoV-2—the COVID-19 virus—is a new pathogen, having only infected humans since late 2019. Yet, it is responsible for the most alarming pandemic in a century. With the arrival of vaccines, many feel life is returning to normal. But is this feeling justified? Let us decide by looking at three V’s: virus, variants, and vaccines. Mann reviews three trends to follow that can guide your daily choices as we enter year two of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bruce A. Mann, MD, FACP, has served as a medical researcher at the UNM School of Medicine in the fields of internal medicine, epidemiology, and critical care/ geriatric nutrition. He is known for his ability to reduce complex issues into understandable information allowing people without technical backgrounds to make practical decisions in the face of uncertainty. He has spent the last year producing “explainer” materials about Covid-19 for the public, while waiting to get a haircut.