We start with a sketch of almost 300 years of ballooning lore and Albuquerque’s place in ballooning history. Then we delve into the details of the different types of modern hot air balloons — from special shapes to customized racer balloons. Learn the difference between hot air and gas balloons. Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke give you a sense of what it is like to ride in a balloon with some personal details of their own balloon adventures in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Peter Cuneo has been a hot air balloon pilot since 1989 and gained his gas balloon rating in 1995. He has more than 2,300 hours of pilot time including flights in 14 countries. Barbara Fricke started crewing in 1982 before becoming a pilot herself. She and Cuneo have owned a hot air balloon since 1988. Cuneo and Fricke have won the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon race four times.