The earth is a gifted architect and artist (not to mention chemist, physicist, and biologist) with a vivid imagination and sense of humor. In this class, pause for a moment to appreciate some of Earth’s marvels and explore some of her most unusual creations: beautiful 40-foot-long crystals; volcanoes that spew blue lava; a pink lake; the world’s largest natural mirror; a burning waterfall; petrifying pools; a place where lightning constantly crisscrosses the sky, and much more.

Creve Maples has a degree in Chemistry (MIT) and a PhD in Nuclear Science (UC Berkeley). He has worked in academia and the private sector, designing advanced computers and developing virtual reality systems. His interest in history and archeology led to the formation of companies active in these areas. These classes result from a scientific curiosity, love of photography and travel, and desire to explore unusual, thought-provoking topics.