The Vikings burst onto the historical scene in 793 when they attacked Lindisfarne, one of the richest monasteries of northern Europe and a cultural icon. They quickly acquired a reputation as devastating raiders. Yet they also accomplished much that was highly positive: they were master navigators, established trading networks that stretched well beyond Europe, and founded a short-lived colony in North America. This class investigates the contrasting and even contradictory aspects of the Viking legacy.

Timothy Graham is a Distinguished Professor of history and a Regents’ Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at UNM. He served as director of the Institute for Medieval Studies from 2002 until 2020, organizing the acclaimed annual Medieval Spring Lecture Series. He holds BA, MA, and PhD degrees from Cambridge and an MPhil from the Warburg Institute, University of London. He is the author of Introduction to Manuscript Studies and in 2016 received the Medieval Academy of America’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Medieval Studies.