Learn about the incredible life of Navajo artist David Chethlahe Paladin, from his Navajo roots, his WWII Dachau experience, and his emergence to become what Newsweek called the most significant American Indian artist of our time. John Kennedy will share information and photos from his book, Coyote: The Life and Times of Visionary Navajo Artist David Chethlahe Paladin. Learn how kiva spiritual training sustained the man through the concentration camp, until he was found in a pile of bodies and recovered using Navajo ways.

John Kennedy is a trader raised in Gallup. His grandfather built the Navajo trading post in Salina Springs in 1912. At the age of nine, he began traveling and trading with his father. For 28 years, he was the major supplier of Native American crafts in the national park system. Kennedy founded the Indian Arts and Crafts Association in 1974. He is also the author of four books dealing with trading and Native American culture.