Three remarkable writers, Joseph Roth, Henry Roth, and Philip Roth, share a common last name and were colorful characters whose award-winning works are classics. Joseph (1894-1939) was a successful journalist and novelist; Henry (1906-1995) lived in Albuquerque for the last years of his life; Philip (1933-2018) is arguably the best known of the three. Learn some biographical details about them and listen to selected passages from their works.

Jack Shlachter is a physicist who spent most of his career at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In parallel, Jack is an ordained rabbi. He has led congregations in Center Moriches, NY, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe, and he has also provided itinerant rabbinic support to far-flung Jewish communities including those in Vienna, Austria, and Beijing, China. Jack is a bibliophile with a personal library comprised of nearly 7,000 volumes.