In the 1870s two fierce sectional conflicts broke out in New Mexico–the Lincoln County War and the lesser known Colfax County War in northern New Mexico. The two disputes were waged over similar issues–economic dominance and political control–but there were important differences. This photo-illustrated presentation provides an understanding of the Colfax County War–its causes, calamities and consequences, and some surprising ties to issues still alive in American society today.

David Caffey met New Mexico at age fifteen as a camper at the Philmont Scout Ranch. He lived in New Mexico from 1982 until 2015, working at the Harwood Library and Museum in Taos, San Juan College in Farmington, and Clovis Community College. He is the author of books on the history and culture of New Mexico, and is a former chair of the New Mexico State Library Commission and a past board member of the Historical Society of New Mexico.