Are you a caregiver to a family member? We know the challenges and rewards of being a caregiver. Join us to learn about the customized training modules available to caregivers through New Mexico Caregivers Coalition, a statewide training and advocacy organization. We also discuss skills essential for caring for a loved one, as well important concepts and practices such as person-centered care, effective communication strategies, infection prevention, safe transfer, mobility, and self-care. Limited enrollment.

Adrienne R. Smith is founder, president, and CEO of the New Mexico Caregivers Coalition, a statewide organization that advocates for and advances the professional development and workforce issues of New Mexico’s direct caregivers. Her areas of expertise include youth development, youth employment, workforce development, resource development, and advocacy. She has a Bachelor’s in Biology from Millsaps College and an MA in Public Policy and International Administration from University of Texas at San Antonio.