Lane Kirkpatrick, BioPark Zoo docent, leads a guided tour of the newest large exhibit at the ABQ BioPark Zoo. The Penguin Chill features three species of penguins. The tour starts with highlights of wildlife and early indigenous people in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, and a look at Cape Horn. Learn about penguin adaptations, natural history, and the building they are housed in. The tour concludes with the Ernest Shackleton Story, an amazing and ill-fated story of Antarctic survival. Class fee includes zoo admission. Limited enrollment.

Lane Kirkpatrick is a retired business executive whose firm focused on industrial automation and environmental consulting. With a lifelong interest in wildlife, nature and conservation, he has prepared extensive zoo-wide tour materials and leads zoo tours. He is a contributing editor to New Mexico Wild. He practiced taxidermy when young, managed federal, state and local environmental agencies, and produced and hosted PBS Channel 5 program “New Mexico’s Environment.”