Extensive research has convinced many Americans of the reality of human-caused global warming and climate changes. In the western US, more and more citizens are accepting “greenhouse warming” theory, as they experience the predicted and increasingly obvious consequences of climate change (e.g., more intense drought, frequent and severe wildfires and diminished stream flow and reservoirs).How might continuing global warming though the end of the 21st century affect New Mexico’s landscapes and related water resources?

Les McFadden is a professor emeritus in the UNM Earth & Planetary Sciences (E&PS) Department. He received an MS & PhD in geosciences from the University of Arizona after earning a BA in anthropology from Stanford University. He served as chair of the E&PS Department (1999-2007) and is a fellow of the Geological Society of America (GSA). In 2017 he received the Kirk Bryan Award for Excellence from the Council of the GSA.