Learn how to mix thin set mortar and create your own unique mosaic art piece using found objects. Thin set is the primary adhesive used for outdoor mosaic murals and sculptures. No grouting required! Bring your own collection of objects: buttons, pebbles, sticks, shells, beads, etc. to use or share. An assortment will also be provided by the instructor. Other mosaic techniques using thin set mortar are described and demonstrated. Get ready to tile the outside world in mosaics! Bring $15 materials fee payable to instructor (cash or check) at class. Limited enrollment. 

Jill Gatwood is an avid hiker and naturalist. When not exploring the mountains and canyons of New Mexico, she creates custom mosaic mailboxes and teaches Introduction to Mosaic Art classes through UNM Continuing Education and the Harwood Art Center. Her art was featured in the Mosaic New Mexico group exhibit at Oasis in 2018.