Did you know you can manage most of your household waste without a composter? As you tour her garden, Sara Friederich shares her tips and practical experience for those who want to know how to grow a variety of herbs, vegetables, and flowers using “lasagna layering,” cover crops, and pit, trench or keyhole composting. Friederich shows you how (and why) to make your own seed tape, fight bugs without toxic chemicals, and provides useful resources to make your composting experience a success! The exact location in Albuquerque will be emailed to participants at a later date. Enrollment limited to 10. 

Sara Friederich learned the magic of “lasagna layering” and other composting methods in 2019 after years of disappointing attempts at growing on hardpan dirt in a small Albuquerque urban backyard space. In subsequent harvests, bags of produce for family and friends were coming out of her garden! She now greatly enjoys teaching others how to create the same incredible results.