Set designers play a major role in creating the world in which the magic of an opera production takes place. To be successful the designer must have artistic, practical, and negotiating skills. Learn how sets are constructed, who is in charge, what is involved. Whether the opera company is large or small the set designer works closely with other technical and artistic leaders, and the creative situations are often complex and challenging. 

 Dahl Delu is an Emmy award winning Art Director and Production Designer, who worked in opera at the Met in New York. He has extensive experience in American theater, film and Primetime television – designing sets, costumes and lighting for Broadway, Off-Broadway, the New York City Opera and Ballet, and many regional theaters including Albuquerque’s Landmark Productions. Since moving to the city in 2009 he has designed sets for Opera Southwest. 

Julius Kaplan received his PhD in art history from Columbia University and spent his career teaching at UCLA and California State University, San Bernardino. A lifelong opera enthusiast, he is a board member of Opera Southwest and offers frequent classes on opera for the community.