Comparing New Mexico’s Mimbres-culture petroglyphs and southern Arizona’s Hohokam glyphs helps define the limits of these contemporaneous ancient southwestern societies. Their rock art and other material culture also provide clues to their different ideologies. Certain icons are common to both cultures, yet each one exhibits motifs that apparently were not produced by the other. Comparing and contrasting Mimbres and Hohokam rock art images and other aspects of cultures suggests similarities and differences in their religious beliefs and practices.

Archaeologist Allen Dart has worked in New Mexico and Arizona since 1975. A UNM graduate (1973), he worked for the Museum of New Mexico (Santa Fe) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (Albuquerque) before receiving his Master’s degree in Arizona. Al is the executive director of Tucson’s Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, a nonprofit he founded in 1993. He has received awards and honors from the National Park Service and other organizations for his efforts to bring archaeology and history to the public.