This presentation focuses on the geologic story and massive eruption of the Valles Caldera in the central Jemez Mountains. Did you know there was an earlier eruption that also formed a large caldera? There are several rock units that tell the story of this eruption, including air-fall ash and pumice, basal surge, and pyroclastic flows. Finally we explore the dynamic geology within the caldera since its formation, including small volcanoes, crater lakes, and a large resurgent dome.

Dr. Kirt Kempter is a Fulbright Fellow and PhD graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. Kirt has spent most of his career as a field geologist, studying volcanic provinces in Costa Rica, Mexico, and North America. He has authored numerous geologic maps in his home state of New Mexico and has led educational tours for Smithsonian Journeys and National Geographic since 1993, spanning much of the globe, including all seven continents.