The Mound Builders were the greatest of all Native American cultures, inhabiting the country for about 4,000 years. They built cities far larger than London of the time, and pyramids that rivaled Egypt. Although they disappeared around the 16th century CE, but left behind enduring legacies including complex earthen works, fine art, and the astronomical structures that fascinated and captivated early settlers. As time passed, this fascination turned into distorted opinions that formed the concepts of white supremacy and manifest destiny. We examine this culture to both appreciate it and to learn how the tenacity and power of false narratives can emerge.

Creve Maples has a degree in Chemistry (MIT) and a PhD in Nuclear Science (UC Berkeley). He has worked in academia and the private sector, designing advanced computers and developing virtual reality systems. His interest in history and archeology led to the formation of companies active in these areas. These classes result from a scientific curiosity, love of photography and travel, and desire to explore unusual, thought-provoking topics.