This course covers the basics of gender, biological sex and gender expression, and demystifies those pronouns (he/him/she/her/they/them), and how to use them. Adrien Lawyer introduces you to the lives and issues of transgender people. He personalizes transgender folks, increasing awareness while decreasing discrimination, fear, hostility, and violence that is routinely directed towards members of this population. You are encouraged to examine your own gender identity and the cultural norms and expectations you hold surrounding gender and sexuality.

Adrien Lawyer is the co-director of the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico. TGRCNM is the only organization that provides a wide array of services for the transgender community in our state. He has presented programs on transgender issues more than 950 times all over New Mexico and has been instrumental in advocacy at the individual and policy levels. He is transgender, a father, and an advocate for equality and accessible resources for all.