Arizona native Marty Robbins (1925-1982) had his first #1 hit in 1956 with “Singing the Blues” and hits such as “El Paso” and “Devil Woman” just kept on coming. A shy, self taught guitarist, Robbins’ story is the oft-told tale of rags to riches. Even though he eventually made his mark as an entertainer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and NASCAR driver, Robbins has often been characterized as a 20th century drifter, a troubled man searching for inner peace.

Jane Ellen is the consummate storyteller with eclectic interests, specializing in music and entertainment history. She is an award-winning composer and recording artist who shares her passion for music and history with Albuquerque audiences. With a catalogue of more than 60 published works and numerous choral and chamber commissions, her music has been performed internationally.