Col. John Slough struggled to command the hard-drinking and free-spirited 1st Colorado Volunteer Infantry, derisively nicknamed “Gilpin’s Pet Lambs.” Miraculously, the troops defeated 1,200 Texans at the battle of Glorieta Pass in northern New Mexico Territory in March 1862. Miller tells the story of Slough’s disastrous relationship with the 1st Colorado, their surprising victory at Glorieta Pass, and Slough’s abrupt resignation after being threatened with assassination. 

Richard Miller, author of John P. Slough: The Forgotten Civil War General, earned his MA in history from Princeton University. After a career in healthcare management and consulting, he turned to writing and lecturing upon his retirement in 2014. He is the past president of the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable and a frequent speaker to Civil War roundtables and history groups. He lives in Seattle with his wife Karin.