Oasis offers many unique movement courses. It can be difficult to decide which is best suited to your needs. A panel of qualified exercise instructors will discuss the differences in each course offered this trimester, specifically, how course components improve balance and reduce your risk of falls. The discussion includes an interactive “exercise benefits” brainstorm designed to help you discover key health benefits that motivate you to move more and reach your fitness or health goals.    

Ilene Dunn: Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention (aka Tai Chi for Health) See class# for bio 

Cindy Russell: Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance (normally taught be Ilene), Better Balance (normally taught by Ilene), and Stretch & Relax See class# for bio 

Gloria Drayer: Yoga for Arthritis and Yoga for Back Pain See class# for bio 

Ellen Tatge: Tai Chi Chih See class# for bio 

Marcia Pincus: Qigong See class# for bio 

Lauren Baier: Movements to reduce joint pain and maintain/build muscle See class# for bio 

Athena Valerio-Hirschfeld: Better Living Through Movement See class# for bio. 

Tracy Zerkle has been involved with Oasis since 2003 as a former San Antonio Oasis staff member and, more recently, as a volunteer for the Oasis Institute. She has been certified as a Master Trainer in a Matter of Balance; she is a Lead Trainer for Diabetes, Chronic Pain and Chronic Disease Self-Management programs and Active Living Every Day; and she is a former instructor and instructor trainer for the Arthritis Foundation Exercise and Aquatics Programs, as well as facilitator for several other evidence-based programs.