The Supreme Court has steered a careful path between the First Amendment’s religion clauses: the “free-exercise” clause, which requires a degree of friendliness towards religion, and the “establishment” clause, which cautions against too much friendliness. Recently the Court has signaled that it is willing to find a new balance between these clauses. This talk surveys the Court’s past religious liberty cases and examines the Court’s recent decisions that may change America’s law of religious liberty.

Andrew Schultz is a director at the Rodey Law Firm where he practices in the litigation department. He is the only graduate of the UNM Law School to serve as a law clerk at the US Supreme Court, serving as clerk to Byron R. White. Schultz has been an adjunct professor at UNM’s School of Law for more than 30 years. He is listed among the Top 25 Lawyers in New Mexico as compiled by Southwest Super Lawyers.