THIS CLASS HAS BEEN MOVED TO FALL SEMESTER. The word terroir conjures up all sorts of things in one’s mind. From the perspective of science and old grape juice the term involves how climate, soil, geology, and viticulture all conspire to influence the character and quality of a wine from the essentials: the particular grape variety, rootstock, and viticultural practice. Explore the factors (e.g., water availability, soil structure, and landscapes affected by geologic processes) that affect the grape ripening process, thus giving many wines a “last line place”.

John Geissman is a professor emeritus of geoscience at the University of Texas at Dallas and the University of New Mexico. He received a BS, MS, and PhD in geology from the University of Michigan. He is a Past President of the Geological Society of America (GSA) and editor for the GSA Bulletin. He has over 300 peer-reviewed science journal contributions.