Explore the especially beautiful part of the Rio Grande Bosque that lies between the Bosque School and the river. The trail (approximately 1.5 miles) wanders through the cottonwoods and is wide and mostly flat with gentle slopes. Learn about the Bosque School and its use of the adjoining bosque for instructional and research purposes. Visit the chain saw sculptures at the adjacent Pueblo Montaño Sculpture Park. Suitable for adventurous wheelchair users. Motorized wheelchairs should have no problem. There are no benches or toilets. Bring your binoculars, camera, water, and clothing layers. Limited enrollment.

Colston Chandler, an Albuquerque resident for more than 50 years and UNM professor of physics for 36 of those years, is an outdoor enthusiast who has led many Oasis walks (primarily in the bosque).