James Hillman deepened Jung’s concept of analytical psychology by extending its ideas beyond the borders of the consulting room out into the world and situating it within the culture of Western imagination. Archetypal psychology is a psychological approach deliberately affiliated with the arts, culture, and history of ideas arising from the imagination. In this series we experientially explore multiple aspects of psyche in the world (anima mundi), exploring ways of imagining, “seeing through,” and “soul-making” in our daily lives. NOTE: Please bring a journal, notebook, or sketch book for our reflective work together. Limited enrollment.

Thom Allena, Ph.D. is a depth psychologist who has worked as a coach, trainer, lecture, author, and consultant with individuals, groups, communities, organizations, school systems and universities and conference centers across the United States, Canada, and Europe to support personal awareness, growth and healing, community building, community change and organizational transformation.