People are captivated by the mystique of archeological mysteries (hence the success of Indiana Jones). Real archeological investigations usually require great patience and years of work. Sometimes discoveries can occur in unexpected ways, revealing ancient mysteries that we cannot yet explain. In this class we explore a variety of enigmatic and provocative archeological objects, including an ancient Egyptian vessel with a surprising purpose, a dinosaur carved on an ancient Cambodian temple wall, a 2000-year-old computer, a puzzling scroll made of metal and others. 

Creve Maples has a degree in Chemistry (MIT) and a PhD in Nuclear Science (UC Berkeley). He has worked in academia and the private sector, designing advanced computers and developing virtual reality systems. His interest in history and archeology led to the formation of companies active in these areas. These classes result from a scientific curiosity, love of photography and travel, and desire to explore unusual, thought-provoking topics.